Usable Software Design

Is it difficult to become productive on your codebase? Is it difficult to make changes? Then usability will help.

Why Attend

  • Learn Usable Software Design from the author of the book
  • Improve team efficiency or happiness, want to add new people faster or want to reduce mistakes
  • You have already tried out agile/lean practices and want to take your team to the next level
  • Have more ideas about continuously improving your teams
  • Try out new approaches to software design

Practical Details

  • Language: English
  • Experiential, hands-on, interactive online learning with practical examples
  • Participants will be awarded a Mozaic Works certificate of completion
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The basics

  • Software Design Qualities
  • Developers are the users of software design
  • Qualities of Usability
  • How usability helps software design

Fundamental practices of Usable Software Design

  • Team agreements
  • Usability tests for software design
  • Define and optimize user flows
  • Mistake proofing software design
  • Managing developer happiness

More practices and patterns

  • Principle of minimum surprise
  • Naming
  • Tests and feedback on design
  • Navigational patterns and the code structure
  • Improve the usability of your APIs

More details and full agenda here


  • An open mind
  • Practical experience with designing and creating software programs in a team
  • (Optional) Reading the book “Usable Software Design” helps with the quality of conversations
  • (Optional) Familiarity with usability practices and usability testing

Course Delivery

  • 40% group or individual exercises
  • 30% conversations on the topics
  • 30% lectures
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Continuous Q&A

Meet Your Trainers

Alex Bolboaca

CTO at Mozaic Works

With almost 20 years of experience in the world of software, Alexandru shares about himself: Being deeply passionate about technology creation I am a continuous learner in the field. Between reading, trying out technologies and multiple programming languages, presenting and participating to developer communities and conferences, I have learned enough to write two books and teach hundreds of developers. I love working with smart people who want to get better at what they do, whether it’s team work, communication, management or technical skills. I offer you my passion, my experience and my capacity to adapt to your needs. About Alex Almost 20-years experience in software development Polyglot programmer who uses modern development practices in C/C++, Java, C#, Python, Groovy, Javascript or PHP…

More about Alex Bolboaca >
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