Software Architecture Principles

For a well-adjusted, changeable architecture

Why Attend

  • Understand the need of software architecture
  • Make the distinction between functional and non-functional requirements
  • Learn how risk management can be used when requirements change
  • Identify security risks and mitigation strategies
  • Have a good software deployment strategy
  • Find ways of modularization of the software and identify modules responsibilities
  • Learn how to communicate software architecture toward different audiences
  • Simplify the architecture versioning process: update, refactor, improve


In this practical workshop participants learn through theory and practical hands-on exercises what the architect role means, needed principles and practices to create and maintain the architecture of a software product at high standards.

Who should attend

  • Software architects
  • Experienced programmers (5+ years)
  • Team leaders
  • CTOs

Practical Details

  • Language: English
  • Experiential, hands-on, interactive online learning with practical examples
  • Participants will be awarded a Mozaic Works certificate of completion
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  • What is Architecture. What is Software Design
  • Architect’s role: Traditional and Agile
  • How to start on architecture
  • How to communicate architecture to business people, product people, developers
  • Architecture evolution
  • Architecture versioning

Expected outcome

  • Have 360 degrees on software architecture, being able to understand all the stakeholders of the system
  • Minimize the risks of software systems
  • Improve the reliability of software architecture
  • Easily spot modularization smells inside a system
  • Be able to create flexible architectures that are easy to change

More details and full agenda here

You must be proficient in one of Java, C#, C++, PHP, or JavaScript. You will get the best out of this class if you have worked at least 5 years as a programmer or architect until now.


“I feel my entire view of architecture has changed. Another eye opening course by Mozaic Works.” Andrei N., Timisoara 

“It was very practical, interactive.” George D., Bucharest

“Simple presentation, useful from the practical perspective,
concise.” Cosmin P., Bucharest

Meet Your Trainers

Adrian Bolboaca

Senior Trainer at Mozaic Works

With more than 15 years of experience in the world of software, Adrian shares about himself: I want to help my clients improve their business. I was helped by my professors, colleagues and mentors to continuously improve, whenever I write code I focus on reducing domain complexity to obtain robust, maintainable software. The continuous improvement paradigm is important for the people I work with and for myself; this is why I like helping people, teams and organization reach their goals. About Adi International experience in product & software development for more than 15 years in small and large companies, with customers from Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Romania, Italy, France Experienced trainer – he likes to teach passionate people from…

More about Adrian Bolboaca >
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